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Everything you heard, all that they told you, all you thought you knew... Lebanon has so many layers to it that wrapping your mind around it is not a given. Embark on a wonderful adventure with Tourleb to learn, see and understand more about Lebanon.

The history of Lebanon spans more than six millennia. Many cities in Lebanon are believed to be some of humankind’s oldest settlements.

Because of its privileged geographic position where three continents, Africa, Europe and Asia converge, and on the eastern border of the Mediterranean, Lebanon has been home to the most advanced civilizations, which built their empires on its soil, from the Persian Empire, to Nebuchadnezzar, from Alexander the Great to Napoleon, and from the Ottomans to the European powers.

With a long coastal strip over which stands the Mount Lebanon mountains, and with a green fertile plateau located between the former and the Anti-Lebanon chain of mountains, Lebanon offers a great geographic diversity. This makes it a great holiday destination as it offers a wide range of activities including historical and picturesque sites to visit. Its role as a cross-over hub has also made its capital, Beirut, a place known for its blend between the Oriental and the Western cultures as well as its night life.

Last but definitely not least, is the Lebanese cuisine. Although it would be a shame to limit a country to just its cooking, it isn’t internationally renowned for nothing.

Lebanon has inspired legends and poetry, but to truly understand its magic, you must come see it all for yourself.

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