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Stay safe and try to enjoy the good things the confinement has given us; and stay strong in the face of adversity.

We started our local activities again. You can check out our activities on facebook (all respecting safety guidelines with safe distancing, sanitizing, and wearing masks). If and when official lock downs are issued, we will be staying home.

As for our travels outside of Lebanon, stay tuned – they will all happen at a later date.

Life will soon resume and travel will be possible again, albeit with some changes.
We believe that something good always comes out of change.

See you soon!

Our pledge to


Responsible Travels

Experiential Moments

Sustainable Experiences

Personalized to your liking

Empower Women

Communities and Locals


Responsible Travels

Experiential Moments

Sustainable Experiences

Personalized to your liking

Empower Women

Communities and Locals



100% of the money locals ask - they get.

Travel your way

Yes, your way.

From peak to peak, from shore to mountain top, from valley to hidden towns, we make sure you don’t miss a thing. We twist the classical, and we bring you the off-the-beaten-path in a swing – with only your interest and your mood in mind, so that you fall in love with Lebanon – your way.

Experiential Travels

Truly unforgettable unique experiences.

Meet the locals, cook and share a meal with a family, walk with dog rescuers, uncover architectural gems with specialists, meet people even locals didn’t know about, visit a site with the hero who saved it and preserved it… We make your trip life-changing.

Themed Discoveries

So much to do, so little time!

Our circuits are as varied as they can be, and help you uncover the 1001 mysteries of Lebanon: Different civilizations, different religions and religious places, castles and heritage houses, foods and drinks, people and ways of life, family oriented or for the solo traveler.

Tailored to your need

We’re your Maitre d’!

As locals, we can act as your consultants, helping you organize your ideas and turn them into a trip, offering insightful advice to allow you to enjoy all that you want to do. Whether you need us with you from the moment you land to the moment you take off, or if you only need us as travel advisors, or even as concierges, you have it.


Everything you heard, all that they told you, all you thought you knew... Lebanon has so many layers to it that wrapping your mind around it is not a given. Embark on a wonderful adventure with Tourleb to learn, see and understand more about Lebanon.


Lebanon has so much to offer that you should be enjoying every second of your time here, exploring, discovering, and filling your senses. History, culture, heritage & architecture, food & drinks, crafts, soft adventure, meeting locals, key players, NGOs, or individuals working on changing things for the better, or even that extra something no one ever lists…Whether for a private request or a preorganized outing, we've got you covered.


We love to share secret nooks. Looking for that special wedding setting? A unique birthday program? A romantic anniversary? We go the extra mile by helping you find the perfect setting that will turn your dream event into a reality. Abandoned places, private homes, unique settings, animation and entertainment, concerts and artists, nothing is too much. Just ask and we will make it happen.


We offer you the trips that we love, to areas that are not massively covered by travel agencies in Lebanon. Our destinations are as diverse as our whims, always shying away from the very touristic, looking for lesser known areas. We take you to discover other countries through their nature, culture, people, movies, arts, and food. Simply put, our philosophy, under a different sky.


Nature, traditions and rural practices;

fruit and vegetable picking, preserve making, grape harvest, short interventions to longer stays in local farms or coops, tree planting or trail blazing… it’s all part of discovering the country.

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Be bold. Do it differently.

Get to better know your partners, clients, stakeholders, associates, team members – in different settings. 1 day business circuits, team building, or even business retreats… You never know what’s going to come out of it.

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Event Planning

Change your setting!

Nothing like a change of scenery to celebrate special moments with family and loved ones. In Lebanon or abroad, we transform your event into a unforgettable moment.

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The best learning methods require all 5 senses.

From how products are made, to landmarks and sites, we help children get a better grasp on their heritage – taking into account their school program.

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Unique itineraries

Go where no traveler has gone before… (Well, not many of them anyway)

For the truly curious minds and avid travelers, we have created unique itineraries that bring you to the lesser known sub-cultures and marginalized populations – always in a respectful and sustainable way.

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You thought about it, we can make it real!

There are as many ways to discover the world as there are different personalities. Over the years, we have received all sorts of requests. No task is too daunting for us. So don’t be shy, ask and you will be answered.

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For engaged travelers, lending a helping hand is a must.

We can help you organize your stay and your volunteering with local NGOs working with marginalized populations, animal rights, women rights, migrant workers…

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Our Projects

We like to create fun projects

happening everywhere in the country, and bringing different interests together, such as Discover Lebanon with your Pet, The Haunted Walk, A Tale of a Castle, etc. Keep an eye out for our next project coming your way!

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Discover Lebanon with your Pet

This one is for our fur babies!

We love nothing more than when our 4-legger best friends are sharing a day with us. We go on walks in nature, we meet pet guardians, discuss, exchange, learn from one another… And our furry friends get to play, sniff about, wag their tail, and just escape the city.
And in the process, we give donations to some NGOs doing amazing work with abandoned dogs and cats.

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Luxury Travels

Glittery and sparkly, or simple and elegant: No matter your type of luxury, we have it.

Luxury travels can mean arriving to the country by private jet, and only riding in a Limo (or a Jaguar or whatever else you favor) ans staying in 5-star hotels. But it can also be enjoying sites in a unique way, with all the little details that enhance life. Sipping champagne in the middle of nowhere; enjoying a sunset on a tiny rock off shore – with only your friends; being treated like royalty, or simply enjoying unique moments, created to suit your fancy.

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Having friends and family from abroad means they have to spend their time leading up to your wedding visiting the country.

When you are busy planning your perfect day, making sure your friends and family are happy is a priority. After all, happy invitees make a happy wedding.
We have created many circuits based on the bride and groom’s requests, as well as many considerations such as travel bans from different countries, experiencing the best the country has to offer in just a few days, sampling foods and crafts, and visiting designers workshops.
We take care of all the aspects of the travels, from transport to guiding to food. Your friends and families are in good hands.
All you have to do is join us and enjoy – if you have the time!
Send out the invites. We will take care of the rest.

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Workshops and Learning

To learn and to share. It’s one of the best exchange models to better understand a culture.

Spend a day with a home maker learning all about regional cooking; tour a winery, and better understand the choices a winemaker makes; visit the workshops of copper smiths or local artisans and learn how they do their magic; spend a day learning Arabic with locals; meet designers and exchange know-how, ideas and practices.
Through these exchanges learn more about locals’ daily lives, their challenges, better understand the culture and the background. Answer their questions, teach them something about your culture.
There is really no limit to this type of experience, as it comes down to the human exchange and the warm welcome the Lebanese have the secret of.

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