We are a woman-owned business.

We are a socially responsible tour operator.

We are locals, story tellers, foodies, dog rescuers, nature lovers.

We believe in giving back to the communities and empowering women. 100% of the money locals ask for – they receive. We help people stay in their communities (if they want to) by providing them with sustainable income.

We are a Women Company, working on including and welcoming everyone, no matter their walk of life.

We provide a safe space for our guests, and we strive to learn from them as much as they want to learn from us.

We include social enterprises, NGOs, startups and small initiatives in our travels.

We know almost every hidden gem, path, trail, winery, artisan, regional plate, village and local tradition through out the country.

We are passionate travelers and treat you like we want to be treated in your country.

We want you to fall in love with Lebanon.

Come as a traveler, live as a local, leave as a friend.


Every traveler is unique. And there are 1001 different ways to visit the same site.

We could have put an online form, asking you to choose from a menu to plan your trip.

We could have created a detailed questionnaire to get to know more about what you want.

But we realized that the best way to create something truly fit is to actually talk to you.

We want to help you create a truly unique travel experience, made for YOU.

So go ahead, give us a call! we can’t wait to talk to you!

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