Haunted Hotel/Walks

This one is for our best friends.

In 2016 we created the first haunted walk in Lebanon. We were inspired by our own experiences of Haunted Walks in North America as well as the rich and often dark history of the Chouf. We chose Deir el Qamar as a perfect place to organize the event which combined storytelling, special effects and a pumpkin carving contest. In spite of many challenges, the event was a success.

We pulled it off again 4 years later, in the midst of the pandemic (respecting all safety guidelines) and did a Haunted Hotel in Octobre 2020 which was a huge success. A game night combining real historical elements of the town, charades and quizzes, a Horror room (masks mandatory), costumes and an amazing buffet were all elements of a successful night.

Keep an eye out (but keep it in your socket) for the upcoming Haunted events we will be organizing in the future.

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